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The Modern IT environment along with IoT, sensors everywhere, is causing an explosion of Big Data. Trying to uncover important insights within massive amounts of large and varied data sets is daunting. There is a science to uncovering hidden patterns, unknown correlations, market trends, customer preferences and other useful information.

Alliance has years of experience designing and implementing Big Data Solutions. Our Data Scientists have implemented solutions around many unique data sets; Full Motion Video, Voice, Wide-Area Motion Imagery, Object Storage, Databases and File Systems.

Alliance's Data Scientists can help design and implement a Big Data Solution for your Enterprise.

Deep Learning is a form
of AI based Analytics

Deep learning leverages pattern matching techniques to analyze massive amounts of data. From the core of the data center to the edge, deep learning systems observe, test and refine information to provide actionable insights.

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Drive Customer Insights

Deliver personalized interactions by understanding your customers behaviors and preferences, leverage data to better serve your customer by unlocking true business insights.

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The Answser is in the Data

Creating happy and loyal customers starts by predicting behaviors. Data can allow you to understand key behaviors and by applying machine learning you can serve your customer better. Learn how Alliance can help you increase customer loyalty and lower customer acquisition cost.

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