There is a Better Way to Build Apps
& Deliver Software Faster

Escape the App Dependency Problem

Package dependencies with your apps in containers for portability and predictability during development, testing, and deployment.

Eliminate Machine Compatibility Issues

Deploy micro-services without expensive rewrites. Enhance security by isolating apps in containers and eliminate conflicts. Run and manage apps side-by-side in isolated containers to get better compute density.

Build Better Team Collaboration

Get features and fixes into production faster through collaboration. Use containers when collaborating on code with co-workers. Build an agile software delivery pipeline. Ship new features faster and more securely.

Let Alliance Help Your Enterprise Build Great Software

Build, Ship and Run Distributed Applications
on Laptops, Data Center VMs, or the Cloud.


Universal Packaging
Eliminate incompatibilities or version conflicts between programming languages

Developer Tool Kit
Build, Test and Run multi-container apps with ease

Container Orchestration
Build highly available and fault tolerant services


App Centric Networking
Intelligently route and load balance traffic with Software-Defined Networking

Extensible Networking
Open API's, Plugins and Drivers

Mutual TLS, Certificate Rotation, Image Signing and Container Isolation

Micro-Services, Gain Agility & Scalability


Continuous delivery of single purpose services breaks the tradition monlithic software model by deploying small services, each implementing a specific business capability. Each capability can be deployed, upgraded, scaled and restarted independently of other services.
Deliver Software Faster.


Let Alliance help you deploy Containers & Micro-Services in your Enterprise
Gain Agility and Flexibility

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