CyberAlliance is the Cyber Security Division of Alliance Technology Group. The CyberAlliance team works with you to identify, address & reduce cyber security risks by blending people with industry best practices and processes.

Our experienced Security Practitioners take a vendor agnostic approach to find the best solution for the problem. Our Security Practitioners hold multiple industry certifications and are certified in the tools we use & offer. We have also developed and brought to market multiple purpose built security solutions, including our SentryWire Full Packet Capture Platform.

At our headquarters, we have two testing labs and also a staging environment. These labs give our security practitioners the ability to get hands on experience with the solutions we provide and our staging environment allows us to deliver custom built solutions directly to our customers.

Our Approach

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Key Focus Areas

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Advanced Vulnerability

Advanced Endpoint

Boundary Defense

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Network Visibility
& Correlation

Risk Management
& Compliance

Emerging Security

CyberAlliance - Security Services

All enterprises are under attack and our adversaries are getting more sophisticated every day. Trying to protect your enterprise from attacks is daunting. Alliance in conjunction with our security division, CyberAlliance, can help take your enterprise to a higher level of security.
Our goal is to protect information and information systems from unauthorized access, use, disclosure, disruption, modification or destruction. We work with our customers to understand requirements and identify and mitigate risk related to information security. Let Alliance help you strengthen your security posture and enable business agility without sacrificing security. Our security engineers, architects and consultants are prepared to support your enterprise in the following areas:

Cyber Security Solutions - Alliance Technology Group

Enterprise Risk Management

CyberAlliance can help enterprises identify, address and reduce risk through comprehensive or focused vulnerability assessments with a particular emphasis on cyber security.


Vulnerability Assessments

Find the vulnerabilities in your network through advanced attack path analytics. CyberAlliance's process will define, identify and classify the security vulnerabilities in computers, networks and communication infrastructures.


Penetration Testing

CyberAlliance has proven practices for testing a computer system, network or Web application to find vulnerabilities that an attacker could exploit. We use defense grade penetration procedures that test for vulnerabilities the same way a cyber criminal would.


Web Application Testing

CyberAlliance Web Application testing process consist of six areas. Functional testing including; Regression, Integration and Smoke testing, Browser Compatibility testing, Performance testing, Security testing, Production Monitoring and Usability testing.

Vulnerability Remediation &

CyberAlliance's security team shortens vulnerability remediation times. Our vulnerability management process will help to ensure that future vulnerabilities are managed.


Security Tool Implementation &

CyberAlliance's security engineers are experienced in helping with the implementation and integration of security tools.


Security Big Data Analytics

CyberAlliance has extensive experience with security solutions for Big Data solutions. We have worked with Big Data solutions for Commercial Enterprises, Civilian Agencies, the Intelligence Community and DoD.


Information Assurance

CyberAlliance is an expert in the practice of assuring information and managing risks related to the use, processing, storage & transmission of information or data and the systems and processes used for those purposes.



There is a shortage of security experts and this extends all the way to the Chief Information Officers. In the event you find yourself needing security leadership, CyberAlliance can help provide management support for long or short term requirements.


Incident Response/Recovery

Preparation is an Enterprises best defense against an attack, it is essential that you prepare for a worst case scenario. CyberAlliance can help you get prepared so that you can identify an attack, contain the incident, eradicate the intruder, start the investigation & recovery.


Fully Integrated Managed
Security Service

Many enterprises today have chosen to have experts manage operations. CyberAlliance's experts can provide a fully managed security service or manage portions of your operations.


Enterprise Packet Capture Integration &
Implementation Services

CyberAlliance is the Professional Services arm of SentryWire. SentryWire provides enterprise packet capture that allows you to store weeks, months or even years of full packets.

Purpose Built Solutions
Cyber Security

Gain Full Visibility into your Network,
Past & Present

SentryWire is a Next-Generation Packet Capture Tool & Network Security Platform that is based on a unique capture and storage architecture which breaks the performance, scalability and expense barriers of existing frameworks.


Security Operations Center

CyberAlliance's Security Operations Center (SOC) is equipped with the latest security tools to ensure that we can manage and respond to any security issue. Our team of highly trained security specialist can augment your organization to help you maintain a higher level of security.

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