Expeditionary Large Data Object Repository for Analytics in Deployed Operations

ELDORADO is a Third Offset Technology that increases the "Decision Speed" timeline through a survivable, mobile, self-replicating global namespace that can deliver critical capability even in a degraded communications environment. ELDORADO delivers this advanced capability at a dramatically decreased cost that can save the DoD tens of billions of dollars per year over current capability.

A Purpose Built Geospatial Cloud Solution

ELDORADO is a commercially available service that can be configured for either deployed or traditional data center environments. ELDORADO is a secure Purpose Built Cloud Solution that is available on SEWP V and GSA.


Services Overview


This service enables authorized users to ingest data in the LDOS Global Namespace. This Ingest Service is optimized for a specific target data types and is regularly updated to incorporate new and modified industry standards. All data ingested in the LDOS Global Namespace can be accessed through the LDOS Search & Disseminate Services by any authorized user.

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Global Namespace Scalability

The ability to scale the Global Namespace storage capacity without any disruption to the LDOS Services. As additional storage capacity is added to the Global Namespace, this new capacity is immediately available to the LDOS Services. Provided as a "Fee for Service" based on the number of petabytes provisioned.



This service allows authorized users to execute powerful searches and queries against the data stored in the LDOS Global Namespace. Content Dissemination - This service allows authorized users to extract data from the LDOS Global Namespace using industry standards such as OGC Rest APIs and NIFTS data formats to bring the object back to their operational systems for further processing.

Analytics at the Edge, When Time Matters

ELDORADO provides decision advantage through a Purpose Built Platform for Big Data that rapidly closes the gap between collection, PED and analytics. ELDORADO represents an advanced capability for analytics against Geospaital Data collected in forward theatres of operation. Specifically, ELDORADO pushes advanced analytical exploitation of geospatial objects forward and then provides "Reach Forward" capability for CONUS based analysts.

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Analytic Agnostic

ELDORADO is analytically agnostic. The architecture allows customers to deploy the appropriate analytical stack to meet their mission requirements. This analytical stack will access the global namespace using industry standard RestAPI services. The design stores large objects only once and allows applications to access and consume only those objects necessary to achieve the required outcome.

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Open Architecture, Bring Your Best Algorithms

ELDORADO is designed to interoperate and can be extended by "plugging in" additional third-party capabilities. The Power of ELDORADO is immediate access to data utilizing any available analytic tools. Let us integrate your tools with ELDORADO.

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Multiple Data Types Fused

Data management and access functions provide rapid ingest and dissemination of many geospatial data types, including WAMI, FMV, LIDAR and SAR. OGC services provide application access to the data, and a real-time "reach-in" capability for analysts.


Identify Critical & Actionable Insights

The analytics capability includes a cognitive search engine that allows analysts to visually explore the personalized vector space through an intuitive interface. Relevant data sources are connected with geospatial images without requiring that data sources be conditioned. Structured, Unstructured and Machine Generated Data sources are fused, allowing analysts to explore the data, identify critical relationships and gain actionable insights.

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As-a-Service Cloud

ELDORADO is provisioned by the petabyte of usable large object storage. Multiple containers can constitute a single global namespace, federated and geographically dispersed and can scale to exabytes of capacity. Each system includes the associated compute and networking infrastructure to support the analytic functionality.

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