Bring The Power of the Cloud
to the Enterprise Data Center

The fast pace of modern business and the extreme demands of enterprise applications are stressing the legacy design of separate storage, system and networking and are now at risk of failure. The complexity in Traditional IT infrastructure presents barriers to change that are required to meet strategic business initiatives.

Hyper-Converged Infrastructure reduces the complexity and streamlines deployment, management and scaling of data center resources. Sophisticated software provides easy application deployment creating an agile data center.
Hyper-Converged Solutions - Alliance Technology Group

Hyper-Converged Delivers
Break through Benefits

Streamline Operations
Achieve dramatic efficiencies
Improve Agility
Focus on strategic business goals
Mitigate Risk
Gain business resiliency

Use Cases


Enterprise Applications
Virtualize Enterprise Applications with predictive performance, manageability and scalability.

Make VDI deployments predictable, scalable and cost effective

Virtualization & Cloud
Get the best of Cloud in the Enterprise Data Center on an agile infrastructure.

Containers & Micro-Services
Predictably deploy Containers & Micro-Services to speed application development.


Big Data
Hyper-Converged is the perfect platform for Big Data & Analytics, start small and scale.

Remote & Branch Office
Enterprise capabilities at the edge with centralized management.

Data Protection & Disaster Recovery
Deploy a fully integrated data protection solution, DR Made Easy.

Featured Workloads


Virtualize Enterprise applications with predictive performance, manageability and scalability.

Take your security to a higher level

Unified Communications
Deliver Voice, Data, Text, Video and presence on an integrated system.

Test & Development
Predictably deploy Containers and Micro-Services to speed application development


Integrated solution delivering application performance and protection.

Enterprise VDI Solution

Microsoft Exchange
Leverages the full power of Hyper-Converged.

Containers & Micro-Services


Containers have been integral to Unix & Linux for years, they are easily packaged, lightweight & designed to run anywhere and multiple containers can be deployed in a single VM. The ease of use of containers has made developers & many web-scale services a good target for containers. Containers combined with Micro-Services is a powerful tool in your enterprise.

Alliance can help your enterprise use the latest solutions for a web-scale architecture.


Engineered & Validated Architectures
for Your Hybrid IT Enterprise

Docker Logo 1.png

On-Premise Docker Cloud
Fast Track Containers

Alliance has solutions that provide an enterprise class Docker private cloud environment. Our secure solution includes monitoring, logging, block storage and container registry. Dramatically decrease your time to market.

Splunk Logo 3.png

On-Premise Private Splunk Cloud

Alliance has solutions that provide an enterprise class Splunk private cloud environment. Our solution features easy Deployment, Software-Defined Compute, Storage and Networking, All Flash performance, Pay as you grow scaling, built-in Security and Simple Management.

Microsoft Logo 1.png

Private Cloud Automation with Microsoft System Center

Alliance can help consolidate data center resources and significantly reduce cost by virtualizing with Hyper-V. Microsoft’s System Center, Powershell and Alliance integration services improves business productivity.

Oracle Logo 1.png

Deliver Application Performance & Protection

Scale capacity and performance for your mission critical Oracle workloads. Reduce database sprawl by consolidating workloads onto a single platform. Simple to use with enterprise grade reliability and performance.


OpenStack On-Premise Private Cloud

Unleash the power of OpenStack in your data center with a turnkey, on-premises cloud solution. There are many OpenStack based Cloud Systems available in the market today, let Alliance help you get started. Alliance uses the best Hyper-converged infrastructures coupled with a simple OpenStack custom interface to reduce risk and increase operational efficiency.

VMWare Logo 1.png

VMware allows you to Realize Private Cloud

The VMware vRealize Suite provides the foundation for a robust private cloud platform. Alliance can integrate VMware suite of cloud products and make building your private cloud a reality.


SAP Logo 2.png

An Agile SAP
Cloud Platform

SAP validated reference architecture on an all-flash platform. Lower TCO, simplified full system copies, rapid deployment and no storage tier planning or tuning. Industry leading 4:1 data reduction. Deliver greater agility for SAP development teams.

Commvault Logo White 1.png

Protect All Your Critical Workloads

Provide protection for critical workloads, virtual servers, cloud, hybrid cloud and enterprise. All-flash platform delivers service levels required to support any organization.

VMWare Horizon-View Logo 1.png

Predictive Performance & Scalability

Simple to deploy VDI, start small and grows to support thousands of users. All-flash platform addresses the most demanding workloads.

Citrix Xendesktop Logo 1.png

Enterprise VDI

Validated all-flash platforms that deliver fast, reliable, easy to manage VDI based solutions. Start small and scale to thousands of users.

Cisco Logo 3.png

Your Service Oriented Agile Architecture Delivered

Cisco UCS Director on an all-flash platform simplifies and automates provisioning for private cloud services. Efficiently and quickly deliver a robust private cloud that provides automation, full stack orchestration and complete service catalog.

Exchange Logo 2.png

An Integrated Messaging & Collaboration Platform

Increase your Exchange availability, performance and scale with an integrated all-flash platform. Ultra responsive messaging and collaboration improves productivity.

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