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The interconnection via the Internet of computing devices embedded in everyday objects, enabling them to send and receive data is transforming every aspect of how we live and work. The explosion of connected devices and sensors has been driven by the increased availability and decreased cost of network bandwidth, the massive adoption of smartphones and the commoditization of sensors, sensors in everything.

The Internet of Things is a
Giant Network of Connected "Things"

New devices join your network every hour. The number of connect devices is increasing at an alarming rate. The current method of managing devices running hundreds of OS’s won’t be sustainable without a radically new approach. Let Alliance help design a secure IoT strategy to achieve your business goals.

People to People / People to Things / Things to Things

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How do you Secure the Internet-of-Things?
Secure Everything, Everywhere

IoT Device User Privacy Controls
IoT Network Segmentation
IoT Threat Detection
IoT Device Hardening
IoT Block Chain
IoT Network Security

IoT Authentication
IoT Encryption
IoT Security Analytics
IoT API Security

Let Alliance Design and Implement a
Secure IoT Strategy for your Enterprise.


Drive Business Value with the Internet of Things

Alliance can help effectively ingest, process, manage, store and analyze all the data generated by IoT and connected devices. Alliance has solutions to drive real-time insights and value from connected devices.

30 Billion "Things" Connected and Growing Fast


Connect Devices Worldwide
for Remote Monitoring

Create predictive models to reduce costly downtime and maintenance and increase productivity. Connect devices, assets and sensors to the cloud, scale from just a few sensors to millions of devices. Let Alliance help you tap into a vast amount of IoT device data.

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Increase Asset Reliability
with Predictive Maintenance

Greatly improve operations and asset availability with predictive and preemptive, maintenance by gathering and transforming data from sensors and systems.

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Struggling with the number and types of connected devices?
Let Alliance Perform an IoT Assessment, learn how to
securely manage your IoT devices. 

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