Engineered for the
Most Demanding IT Challenges

Alliance offers Purpose Built Solutions targeted at some of the most demanding IT challenges. Alliance has developed solutions for Big Data, Cyber Security, Physical Security and Public Safety and Cloud markets. Each Purpose Built Solution has been specifically engineered to meet the demanding requirements of each market. Each solution is engineered to efficiently process massively large quantities of unstructured and machine generated data, while offering transformative cost economics.
When designing a solution to meet the demanding needs of Big Data, Alliance Technology Group has a team of industry experts who can help design a solution that meets your specific challenges and market opportunity.
Alliance Technology Group - Purpose Built Solutions

Gain Full Visibility into Your Network,
Past & Present

SentryWire is a Full Packet Capture Appliance & Network Security Platform that is based on a unique capture & storage architecture which breaks the performance, scalability & expense barriers of existing frameworks. SentryWire supports capture rates from 1Mbps to +1Tbps, while providing real-time filtering and allowing retention of network traffic for weeks, months and even years at price points that can be as little as 20% of the cost of other systems.


HPC Data Management

ExERA is an on-premise, purpose-built, engineered data management solution specifically developed for HPC customers. The design principal centers around an architecture that delivers frictionless scalability in 3 dimensions: Throughput, IOPS and Capacity.


Intelligent World,
Smart Connected World

Vigilant Platforms is a leading solutions provider in the Enterprise Security and First Responder space. The advantage we bring to our customers is simple, Vigilant Platforms has the knowledge and technology to offer the most comprehensive surveillance and access control solutions with the experience to tailor each to our Customer's needs. We offer a robust portfolio of solutions to meet the Public Safety, Emergency Management & Physical Security requirements for the Federal Government, State/Local Government and Commercial Businesses.


Open, Flexible, Fully Managed
 As-a-Service Solutions

PliantCloud is comprised of a suite of As-a-Service solutions, which are hosted within our data center, or alternatively, managed behind your firewall on Pliant Platforms on-premise OpenStack cloud. The PliantCloud As-a-Service Catalog leverages the most cost effective and scalable technologies that exist today to provide an unprecedented level of value, flexibility and control.


Expeditionary Large Data Object Repository for Analytics in Deployed Operations

ELDORADO is a Third Offset Technology that increases the "Decision Speed" timeline through a survivable, mobile, self-replicating global namespace that can deliver critical capability even in a degraded communications environment. ELDORADO delivers this advanced capability at a dramatically decreased cost that can save the DoD tens of billions of dollars per year over current capability.


The Leader in Edge Cloud Solutions

YottaStor addresses the need for a purpose built solution necessitated by rapidly growing Big Data markets. These solutions can handle Internet-Scale storage deployed behind the customer's firewall at public cloud pricing. YottaStor's patented Service Offerings are built on a vendor-agnostic analytics platform - the YottaDrive - which stores object data in a global namespace for exploitation using client selected tools, whether COTS, Open Source, or user built. By commoditizing large object storage, these vast amounts of data - in the Petabyte and Exabyte ranges - can be kept for analysis.