Gain Full Visibility into your Network,
Past & Present

SentryWire is a Full Packet Capture Appliance & Network Security Platform that is based on a unique capture & storage architecture which breaks the performance, scalability & expense barriers of existing frameworks. SentryWire supports capture rates from 1Mbps to +1Tbps, while providing real-time filtering and allowing retention of network traffic for weeks, months and even years at price points that can be less than 50% the cost of other systems.


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Full Packet Capture

Capturing just Metadata does not
produce a high fidelity record of Traffic.

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Powerful & Fast Search

Search Petabytes of Network Traffic
in Minutes.

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Extended Timeline

Network Traffic Stored for Weeks,
Months or Years.

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Fast Capture Speed

Capture speeds from 1Mbps to +1Tbps.

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Intrusion Detection

Present day intrusion detection limits breaches.

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Visualization & Analytics

3D Visualization + Integrated Commercial, Open Source & Custom Analytics.

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IDS Search Back

Use IDS signatures to search back across previously recorded packets to forensically detect & identify events using attributes & indicators relevant to today.

Network Operations

Collect packets and produce a variety of logs to track network performance metrics.

Artifact Extraction

SentryWire does not truncate or slice any packets it captures, this allows for the return of fully sessionized PCAPs and provides the ability to extract file artifacts with ease via the UI.



UT/JICS, Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Victor Hazlewood, Chief Operating Officer at UT/JICS
Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Adds SentryWire to his Defense & Depth Strategy.